Comfort those closest, entertain the rest.

Back last month Sara and I went to Louisville to hear TV chef, world-traveler, and total bad-ass Anthony Bourdain speak. During the Q & A portion of the night someone asked Bourdain what he would choose to eat as his last meal. Bourdain actually seemed to think about the question - which was odd to me because I would assume this was the kind of question he would get all the time. His answer was bone marrow on crusty bread with a pinch of sea salt. It was such an interesting answer I decided that moment I had to try it eventually.

Several weeks later and a call to local butcher and I had my marrow bones. Cooking them is really easy; fifteen minutes in a 450 degree oven.

The taste was very rich. A little fatty. The texture was a lot like an oyster. The whole experience was kind of oyster-ish. I couldn’t get Sara to partake.

I really enjoyed them but I don’t know that I’d choose them as my last meal. That’s honor is still reserved for a Little Debbie Swiss Roll and a can of Mountain Dew.