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Local: Lexington

I was looking at this picture hanging in my office today and realized, I’d never really posted anything about it, other than an Instagram picture or something a couple years ago.

Let me tell you about it.

Local was a comic book mini-series written by Brian Wood and drawn by Ryan Kelly. Each issue was a stand alone story about a girl named Megan, set in a different city. Wood and Kelly would set the stories around real landmarks and neighborhoods - sometimes they were personally familiar with the towns and sometimes friends and readers would provide photos and information to help them flesh out the setting.

It was a great series. I read it in single issues and purchased the really nice hardcover collection.

A couple years ago, Ryan Kelly announced on Twitter that he would be doing a small number of Local themed commission, first come, first serve. Send him a picture of a landmark in your town, or just a spot that meant something to you personally, and he would work it and Megan into a drawing.

I apparently got my request in early enough.

I sent Ryan a picture of The Dame.

The Dame was a music venue here in Lexington, Kentucky. It, and the historic building that housed it, were demolished a few years ago to make way for a still unseen super-mega-awesome-high-rise-hotel-courtesy-of-the-Webb-Brothers. I thought it was a shame then and I think it’s a shame now.

The Dame was a great old place. It was a dive. I saw a lot of great bands there. Chris Whitley, Frank Black, The Avett Brothers. Old Crow Medicine Show, Over the Rhine, The Begonias, and Sunday Valley (about a thousand times).

Sara and I sat in the Dame one night and confessed to each other that we secretly really liked each other more than we had been pretending to.

So, yeah, it was a great place. And it’s gone. But it lives on, for now at least, in this picture from a great artist, along with a character from some great stories.

I’ll take it.