Comfort those closest, entertain the rest.

Blue Canary In The Outlet By The Light Switch

I’m a casual They Might Be Giants fan. I have a couple of albums, enjoy several songs. Casual. But, in another life, I could see myself really getting into the kind of whimsical, bookish nerd rock they’re famous for - it just never quite took hold with me the way it could have.

That being said, Birdhouse In Your Soul is, perhaps, one of my favorite songs in the world. A song about being made for a specific purpose, guarding one’s soul, and protecting those you love - it plucks every heart string I have.

Sara and I decided it was one of the first songs we are going to introduce to our son when he arrives in October.

And to further drive home the message that we’ll be his protectors and that our home will be a safe place for him and his soul, Sara bought this for his room:

If we buy nothing else, I kind of feel like the nursery is now complete.