What do you wish you had?

More money? better health? A relationship?

When most of us want something, we think, naturally, “What do I need to do to get what I want?” Makes sense, right? And, of course, “doing” is a good thing. Never underestimate the value of putting your hand to the plow.


I would suggest that if you start with “doing” you’re missing an important step. Before you start doing you need to ask yourself, “To get what I want, who do I need to BE?”

To get what you want, it’s very often more important to consider who you need to be before you consider what you need to do. Properly considered, being the right kind of person will cause the right behavior to trickle down to your actions. Like Reaganomics, if Reaganomics actually worked.

It’s all about identity.

You hear it all the time. Someone, living in poverty, wants to be rich (the having), so they go buy a lottery ticket (the doing). They win the lottery — millions of dollars. They should be set for life. But, in a few years, they’re broke again. Why? Because their identity (Being) didn’t change. They had millions of dollars but they didn’t have a mindset of prosperity. So, even with all that money, they got bunched up, hoarded, spent foolishly, and behaved like they were still poor.

Identity trumps action every time. Actions, backed with the wrong mindset are hollow and ineffective.

Changing your identity is internal work. It requires going deep — getting past the content filter of your conscious mind and working directly with your unconscious. One, effective way to do that is hypnotherapy.

So, what do you want to HAVE?

Before you figure out what you need to DO to HAVE it, figure out who you need to BE.

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